Fiber Internet

“Broadband availability is essential to making the City of Monroe a leader in the innovation economy. It is our goal to increase access to broadband which is an essential tool for economic development. We realize the importance of broadband to our current business and residential community and recognize the incentive it provides for those looking to locate here.”

-Matthew Chancey, City Administrator-City of Monroe

Fiber Internet

Monroe Fiber is part of the City of Monroe Utility Department. We are visionary in offering a better broadband to meet your business needs. We built a fiber network to provide local businesses with the data speeds necessary for their business internet and data requirements. Monroe Fiber provides a flexible network that enables you to grow and to provide the reliable service to meet your demands 24/7.

Monroe Fiber offers Business-Class High Speed Internet with download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps. We offer fiber based high speed data connectivity to upload or download large files, connect remote offices, utilize cloud services or manage large data transfer. We offer a scalable Internet solution that assist you in growing your business. Monroe Fiber also has the flexibility and creativity to offer unique services utilizing legacy hardware. Our network is fiber-based with diverse route connectivity to the major internet hub in Atlanta (56 Marietta Street). We have taken steps to ensure you have the connectivity when you need it and to maximize your up time.

The world of technology continues to move forward at an increasing pace. The number of products and innovations that have happened in the last few years is simply staggering. More and more companies are looking to create cutting-edge products or utilize cutting edge applications to improve their bottom line through more effective service delivery. Our society is changing, data access is becoming critical for our everyday life. However, to accomplish this a community must have a fiber-based infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the business community.

Applications requiring a fiber-based network:

  • Large data file transfers for back-up storage and security reasons.
  • Utilization of Cloud services for cost effective business needs
  • Video security storage
  • Medical image transferring at rapid speeds
  • Engineering documents for large data transfer
  • Educational requirements to insure learning needs are met
  • Wireless – Fiber to the Tower for high capacity voice/data usage
  • New applications for the “Internet of Things”

CLICK HERE to download and review the requirements to establish utility service.

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